Indigenous Education Action Plan draft

ICT, globalisation and Indigenous education

Indigenous Education Action Plan draftIn December 2009, Ministers for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs (MCEECDYA) called for submissions on a draft national Indigenous education action plan, designed to improve educational outcomes for Indigenous students.

Response from Education Services Australia (ESA) focusing on the impact of ICT and globalisation on Indigenous student learning:

The comments on the IEAP are limited to the impacts of globalisation and
technological change placing greater demands on education and skill development in
Australia for Australian learners.

The response recommends that partners in the preparation and implementation of the IEAP:

  • ensure that another gap relating to 21st century skills between Indigenous
  • students and the wider student population does not emerge in coming years;
  • consider how and where technology advances can support the objectives and
  • targets contained within the Plan.

ESA response to Indigenous Education Action Plan

National Indigenous Education Action Plan Draft 2010-2014