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Education Network Australia

Education Network Australia (edna) was a pioneering joint initiative of the State and Territory governments and the Australian Government, through their education departments, to provide free news, resources, networks and online tools for educators.

In 2005-2009, edutech principal Mark Tranthim-Fryer  managed a team of 15 staff & three million dollar annual budget to deliver a portfolio of national online projects, services & innovations, including Education Network Australia (edna).

edna Groups included one of the earliest and largest Moodle installations with 20,000 members.

edna scope (2009)


  • limited logoRole: Program Manager
  • Client: Australian Government (primary sponsor) and State/Territory education departments
  • Partners: Education Services Australia (formerly ltd)
  • Budget: up to $3m per annum
  • Duration: 2005-2009 (first established 1996,  decommissioned in 2010)