Education projects and services by EDU Technology Australia pilot was an internationally successful home-based virtual learning program for 14-17 year olds most seriously disengaged from formal classroom learning. was a last resort for young people disengaged from classroom learning because of:

  • Illness or phobia
  • Pregnancy
  • Bullying or disaffection
  • Itinerancy
  • Reluctance to learn
  • Exclusion.

edutech project managed an Australian feasibility and pilot in 2010-11 to implement a two year pilot for 130 learners in SA, Victoria and Tasmania.  Delivery of the pilot required a significant degree of communication and collaboration across national, state and local jurisdictions, enabled by online networks and a virtual learning environment. The pilot program retained fidelity to the international Notschool learning model, with capacity for the program to evolve to best meet the needs of young Australians.

Video pitch for Notschool project in Australia.

Inclusion Trust UKProject partners

Education Services Australia (Ministerial company)

Inclusion Trust (UK charity)

Role: Project Manager (Australia)