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The Excellence & Equity [xe] project is designed to support Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander study & career opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics [STEM].

The Excellence and Equity in Mathematics [xe] project included seven interrelated strategies:

  1. a national audit and review of current professional practices, mathematical teaching resources and university outreach programs in science and mathematics;
  2. design and implementation of a series of school pilot projects and university case studies;
  3. consultation with students, educators, academic staff, mathematics curriculum experts, Indigenous teachers and other stakeholders in the design, delivery and evaluation of the project;
  4. publication of project findings and effective digital learning resources with an Indigenous focus to a national web portal;
  5. presentation of project findings and resources to a range of forums for Indigenous student events, and professional learning events for teachers and academics;
  6. data collection to measure the success of the project against AMSPP program objectives and project objectives, and
  7. liaise with the Office of the Chief Scientist and engage with other projects under AMSPP.

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  • Role: Project Manager
  • Client: Australian Government Department of Education
  • Partners: UniSA, Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers
  • Budget: $783,000
  • Duration: 2014-2017